In Circles From Sweden Win Imagine 2015

In Circles from Sweden win Imagine 2015!


Sweden has done it again!

After Algot in 2011 and Gustaf in 2012, In Circles from Östersund have won the Imagine Festival 2015. They were up against stiff competition from bands from Belgium, Croatia, France and Romania who all gave it their all this past weekend in Brussels.

IN CIRCLES played an energized set showcasing their virtuoso talent coupled with perfect timing and a prolific stage show to boot. They blended together electrifying riffs with angelic harmony and rhythm, taking the audience around "in circles" until they were hypnotically drunk on this metallic brew.

The band wins an international Imagine tour in 2016 of all the Imagine National Finals across Europe, a once in a lifetime experience worth over €25,000! 

The Imagine Festival 2015 took place at the Botanique in Brussels Belgium from the 26th to the 27th of June and was not only about competition but about providing a platform for emerging young bands from various countries, backgrounds and musical styles to get together, share experiences, gain knowledge and perform their hearts out for a sold out audience.

We would like to also congratulate ThIED who won the Belgian Finals on Friday and who will compete at the International Final in 2016. We would also like to thank MILO MESKENS from Belgium, FIRESPARK from Croatia, L’ENVIE from France, THE PURPLE DANDIES from Romania and guest band HELSESKADE from Norway for their great performances and full hearted participation in the all the festivals activities.

Imagine Festival 2015 is brought to you by JMI (Jeunesses Musicales International) together with Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles and Jeugd en Muziek, their Belgian members. We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for making this event such an amazing experience for all who attended, they are:

•    The Belgian National Lottery
•    The Creative Europe Program of the European Commission
•    SABAM
•    Mediaraven
•    The Flemish Government
•    The Federation of Wallonie-Bruxelles
•    .be
•    Joetz
•    Botanique
•    Flagey
•    De Casino
•    Arco-Music
•    Muziekmozaïek
•    Hearing Coach
•    Variphone
•    ADAMS

Photo: © Peter De Jongh

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