Become An Organizer

Become an organizer


Imagine is about creating an international platform for the development of young talented musicians. The more countries involved the merrier!

If you are running an existing competition it would mean taking on the Imagine branding as well as the basic criteria of being open to all-styles, and musicians between the ages of 13-21. If you are starting from scratch, then we’ve got everything you need to get you started. Just ask!

Imagine organisers must be members of JM International. There is an annual membership fee which covers the licence to run the Imagine program (as well as other JMI programs). This is your first step. From there on out you will be guided towards organising your first Imagine.

For more info visit jmi.net/about-membership


+ Added International Value
+ Globally Recognised Brand
+ Participate in the Imagine Festival
+ International Exchanges
+ Joint Fundraising & Sponsorship
+ 25 Years of Experience
+ Share Best Practices
+ Knowledge

Contact us for more information at hello@imaginefestival.net

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