What is the age limit?

The standard limit to take part to the Imagine program is 13 - 21 years old. There may be some variations from country to country, you would better check their official guidelines.


When does Imagine take place?

Each year the time schedules vary from country to country depending on their national environment.
This timeline is a rough overview of the Imagine program:

What can you win?

Imagine invests in the development of young musicians providing them an international exchanges platform and tuition through masterclasses, workshops, concerts, tours, recordings, promotion and many more!

National Imagine competitions are held annually in each participating country, culminating in the international Imagine Festival, where the winning bands from each country come together to compete for the chance to win an international Imagine tour.

For more information on how to participate check this page.

What if my country is not part of the program?

Unfortunately you can participate only if your country is member of the Imagine program (and of the JMI network). But we are expanding our platform year after year, so keep looking, we may include your country soon!

If you aim to become an organizer check our guide.

Who supports imagine?

Our current sponsors are:

If you wish to join them and become a sponsor visit this page

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