In Circles

In Circles

If In Circles was formed in 2013, it already plays like a quite experienced band. To be convinced, one only needs to see these four swedish guys perform with disconcerting ease, moving their long hairs at the speed of the music without a glance for their instruments. If usually the bands fill the ten minutes they have to impress Imagine's jury with at least two songs, In Circles only played one instrumental 10 minutes piece of music of their own, "Alaska", to win Imagine Sweden. You heavily feel Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment's influences when listening to their progressive metal music but, what In Circles follows is its own musical path. By creating unique, powerful and complex riffs with many time signature-changes and mixing it with beautiful melodies, this band from Östersund, Sweden, can reach out to many.

At the international final of the Imagine Festival 2015 in Brussels, they were up against stiff competition from bands from Belgium, Croatia, France and Romania. However, their energized set showcasing their virtuoso talent coupled with perfect timing and a prolific stage show to boot prooved once again to be a winning combination. They blended together electrifying riffs with angelic harmony and rhythm, taking the audience around "in circles" until they were hypnotically drunk on this metallic brew. The band will now go on to tour to perform at the national Imagine Festivals 2016.

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Band Members

  • Alfredsson Simon


  • Jämtgård Simon


  • Frändén Nils


  • Winberg Alexander


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