Mokoomba Performing At Botanique

Mokoomba: Performing at Botanique


The winners of Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival (IRF) 2008 are conquering the world!

Their first participation at Music Crossroads was at the Local Festival in August 2007, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and went on to blow audiences away at the National Festival held in Harare. The road to fame started in August 2008, at the Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival (IRF) in Lilongwe (Malawi), where their destiny was changed forever. After this, Mokoomba has released their debut album “Kweseka”, which was launched together with their European Tour in 2009, in Stockholm, Oslo, Bilbao, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels. The next year, Mokoomba came back in Europe for a tour where they did prestigious stages all over European countries like the opening act for the Cranberries at the Colors Festival in Ostrava (Czech Rep.), the festival Couleur Café in Brussels (Belgium), Meyouzik Festival (Luxembourg) and many others! In 2012, they recorded the second album, “Rising tide” and received the best critics and awards from professionals as “Top of the world album” in Songlines magazine and “One of the 10 best album of the year” in fROOTS magazine; They had two more Eurpoean tours, including live performance in the renowned BBC live show “Later with Jools Holland”.  The year of awards also came in 2013, when they received the prize for the “Best Newcomer”, at the Songlines Music Award (UK).  After a summer tour of 3 months, with 33 concerts over 14 countries, including the most prestigious stages of Europe: WOMAD (UK), Sziget (Hungary), Roskilde (Danemark), Paleo festival (Switzerland) where they were followed and filmed by Arte (French-German TV), Afro-Pfingsten (Switzerland), TFF Rudolstadt (Germany), Summer stage festival (Germany), Helsinki Arts festival (Finland) and many more... the band played in the Gwangju World Music Festival in South Korea where they brought the house down!

They are back in Brussels and if you haven't met them yet, you have the chance to see Mokoomba live, on 26 March, at Botanique! The concert is part of the Mokoomba's 2014 world tour.

MOKOOMBA will be playing at Botanique (Bruxelles) 26 March 2014

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