Jesas European Tour Is A Wrap

JESA’s European tour is a wrap


The winners of Imagine finals 2016 enjoyed their prize touring Europe

After winning the international final of the Imagine International Festival 2016, JESA brought its talents to Belgium, Sweden and Spain during two weeks of successful tour. It was an opportunity for them to get their name out engaging music lovers from different countries. Here is an overview of the highlights of this amazing journey:



July 4, JESA rocked the audience at Tisdagskul in Rättvik. It was an enthralling stage performance. 

July 7, Ethno Sweden 2017 ended with an amazing concert at Rättviksparken in front of a huge crowd. 84 fantastic young musicians shared their experiences during this camp and gave their all on stage! Ethno Sweden was an excellent networking opportunity for this young ambitious band. 



July 8, Bij’ De Vieze Gasten, a social arts project and theater house in Gent, was the perfect place to introduce JESA for the first time to a Belgian crowd. The quirky rawness of Alfred’s vocals and Leah’s soulful yet playful voice kept the audience on the edge of their seats. 

July 9, Wégimont Festival 2017What lingers isn’t just their catchy tunes, it’s their magnetic energy both on and off stage. There’s no pretension, just a band, genuinely having as much fun as the crowd.



July 13, Ethno Catalonia. The wonderful Mediterranean setting made the whole experience magical. Once again JESA rocked the stage that evening. The Ethno audience was giving them love and energy. 

July 14, Santa Maria d’Amer. The final show during an unforgettable summer night was a very enriching experience for everyone.


After the European tour JESA members were interviewed about how this experience changed them and their learning process. Kudakwashe Kanyerere, band leader and drummer could not hide his joy of the groups experience in Europe. He told to Zimbo Jam:


"We had a wonderful time, learnt many new things and met a lot of amazing musicians, people of different traditions and cultures. It was fun learning to play songs from different countries. 

People loved our music, even other musicians would walk up to us after performing telling us how unique our music is and how energetic our performance are. There is no better price for any musician than to be told something like that. It is very humbling".


If you want to be part of this experience, do not miss the latest news about Imagine festival, the international all-styles competition and training program for young musicians between the ages of 13 and 21. Dates for the Imagine international finals 2017 are soon to be announced.

JESA is part of Music crossroads international, a non-profit organisation which uses the power of music education, professional training, live performances and promotion of young talents to support the development of the music education sector and the music industry in the culturally rich southern African region.

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