Imagine Has Arrived In Brazil

Imagine has arrived in Brazil!


Bands and soloists can sign up for Imagine Brazil since the 23th February to the 23th March 2015!

Imagine is a different music competition. It's pop, heavy metal, electro, jazz, hip-hop, classical, world music, ska, punk... It is music for all ears! Imagine 2015, that will be held the last weekend of June in Brussels, wants to encourage very young musicians by providing professional conditions in order to express their talent, inviting them to play before a large audience and boosting their capabilities and their creativity music through workshops, classes, jam sessions and all a series of activities organized within the framework of the contest.

Imagine is aimed at all participants aged between 12 and 21 years. Over the competition, they will be not only judged on their musical qualities, but also on their originality, the proper preparation of their performance, their ability to communicate with the public and their stage presence.

Brazil will hold three semi-finals in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. In a first round of the competition, a technical Committe will decide from the mp3 media sent by the bands during the registration the 10 groups or artists selected to compete in each of the regional semifinals. They will take place in a face-to-face meeting in five cities in the interior of São Paulo: Ourinhos, Piracicaba, Presidente Prudente, Ribeirão Preto e São José dos Campos. The winning-band or singer will get a super prize from Yamaha and will go to Europe to participate in the International Final of Imagine!

Applications period will be open from the 23th of February to the 23th of March. All participants (bands of up to 8 members) aged between 12 and 21 and residing in the state of Sao Paul, brazil, are accepted to be part in the competition. 

So you can start counting the days, because Imagine is coming!



Soon, more information in portuguese.


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