Imagine Continuously Moving Forward

Imagine: continuously moving forward


Now that Imagine is running for months already, it seems to be the appropriate time to take stock of the national and international finals which are spreading throughout Europe and the World!

Imagine Sweden

The biggest Imagine National Final is taking place in two days in Kristianstad… a three-day long event (14 - 16 May)! The line-up is indeed quite furnished - 19 participants, one for each region, and 3 guest bands - and the level undoubtedly high. You can discover all these budding musicians on the official website of the national final. Take this opportunity to read their stories and listen to their music, definitely not a waste of time! You may discover one of the forthcoming swedish star.

Imagine France

The national final comes closer, only one regional final left on May, 30 at 4Ecluse in Dunkerque (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) with Kicked Out Kids, Adventice, Black Lights, The Cherry Burst, A-Vox and Exostorm to set the stage on fire.

The Rising Sun (Franche-Comté) won the last regional final! They will compete with The Rives (Languedoc-Roussillon), The Weirdo (Pays de la Loire) and The Strings (Midi-Pyrénées) in the French capital at the national final on June 6.

Imagine Belgium

The Flemish musicians have already been crowned at the Vlaamse Finale after two intense days of trainings and workshops, while the Walloons are still awaiting their shining moment, not for long anymore. Imagine Belgique final is happening this sunday at the Studio 4 in Brussels. The winners of this weekend will be vying for the coveted title with Scabbia Mio, Page Down, O Gares, Louis de roo and ThIED! Next stop: Imagine Belgium National Ninal, on June 26, at one of the most prestigious Brussels’ rehearsal, Botanique.

Imagine Brazil

We have waited a long time for this, but the semifinals are finally beginning for Imagine's newcomer, Brazil! This is on sunday, at the Teatro Municipal Ribeirâo Preto. Definitely a great show to come. Get to know the participants here and invite your friends!

Imagine International

Hosted by Imagine Belgium, Imagine International is about to settle in Brussels this summer! Three days of trainings, worskhops, master-classes from industry professionals, jams and concerts that will end with the International Final on the 28th of May at Botanique as well. More info coming very, very soon. We promise you that!

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