The Purple Dandies

The Purple Dandies

One of the bands that are undoubtedly going to make us dance this 2015 edition of Imagine. The Purple Dandies subtly blend Rock and Funk with, sometimes, a slight note of ska or blues, enough to infuse us the need to bust some moves!

It all started in high school, when the three musketeers Tudor Marcu, Ramin Vahidi and Naim Vahidi decided to form a funky trio. Since they ranked first at Imagine Romania 2013, the band has gone upwards, playing gig after gig and openings for some of Romania's most famous artists as a sign of stage experience (Vama, Byron, Les Elephants Bizarres, Bere Gratis, Parazitii and Suie Paparude).

Three words are the ones that describe the band perfectly: FUNKY, ELEGANT and DANDY.

The Purple Dandies Music

The Purple Dandies Video

The Purple Dandies - Weightless (Because You're Mine)

The Purple Dandies Video

Ledo & ATM feat. Andra Ozon ┼či The Purple Dandies - Altcineva (official video)

Band Members

  • Marcu Tudor

    Bass Guitar/Voice

  • Vahidi Ramin


  • Vahidi Naim


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