The Late

The Late

The Late is a classic rock/blues rock band from Zagreb. They began to plan forming the band in the spring of 2014, and already in the fall of the same year they started to perform as The Late. The members are Silvia Grilec, Luke Renic, Filip Mlinaric and Iva Bobanovic. The founders of the band have also been Tomislav Gajski and Leonardo Curl.

The Late already has several studio recordings of their original compositions and numerous club gigs in Zagreb and surroundings. They are the finalists of Croatian HGF Demo Festival and the winners of Imagine Croatia 2015. Their songs are inspired by different music sources and styles. In their performances they pay much attention also to improvisation and spontaneity.

The Late Music

The Late Video

Imagine International Final 2016

Band Members

  • Grilec Silvia


  • Renic Luka


  • Mlinarić Filip


  • Bobanovic Iva


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