Les No Name

Guest Band: Les No Name

If Les No Name is born in 2008, 7 years ago already, many musicians crossed its path before the perfect balance was found. With five members, the influences that shape this band’s music they call themselves “Rock Neo-Prog” are very diverse, but lead to a sound greatly inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. They mainly compose their setlist but also offer to their public cover songs from greatly different artists such as Nina Simone, Michael Jackson or Bob Dylan.

After more than a hundred concerts, opening acts for famous french names and great regional scenes, the band is increasingly working on its own compositions, preparing a 10 to 12 tracks album to be released in fall 2015.

Les No Name Music

Les No Name Video

Les No Name - Ad Vitam Aeternam (acoustique)

Les No Name Video

Les No Name - Accuser

Band Members

  • Justine


  • Léo


  • Marc


  • Shona


  • Mathias

    Bass Guitar

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