Guest Band: Helseskade

Helseskade is a norwegian alternative metal band founded in Hamar in 2011. If the five young musicians started to play in a local place called "Seaside", they quickly attracted attention, attending the UKM festival (the norwegian equivalent of Imagine) three times and making all the way to the national final in Trondheim in 2014. Besides System of a Down, Motörhead or Slayer, the inspiration of Helseskade comes from the unusual fascination of the singer for mental illness and how it was regarded and treated between the 1930’s and the 1950’s (lobotomy, electroshock therapy, etc.). This explains why Sindre Bekkevold (vocals) is dressed up like a doctor on stage and why all the musicians use troublesome nicknames as Paranoid Øystein and General Tourettes.

In 2013, the band recorded a demo composed of three powerful songs: "Kakao", "Vi Brenner Sedler"  and “Sjø”, all sung in norwegian. They will be in Brussels this summer to perform them as a guest band at Imagine International 2015!.

Helseskade Music

Helseskade Video

Band Members

  • Bekkevold Sindre


  • Skaaret Melby Øystein

    Lead Guitar

  • Harang Samuel

    Rhythmic Guitar

  • Bjerke Sand Odin

    Bass Guitar

  • Pedersen Simen


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