Brazilian Portrait Retrato Brasileiro

Brazilian Portrait (Retrato Brasileiro)

Formed in the UNICAMP music department, the Brazilian Portrait searches the repertoire of several Brazilian composers such as Radamés Gnattali, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Guerra-Peixe, Ernesto Nazareth, among others. Transiting between popular and erudite music, the trio works to rescue and discover the work of these important composers, proposing new arrangements and interpretations, adapting from orchestral works to piano works for the camerística formation of the trio, consisting of vibraphone, acoustic bass and electric guitar. In its debut, in the Imagine Brazil festival, the trio Retrato Brasileiro obtained the first place unanimously of the jury.

Brazilian Portrait (Retrato Brasileiro) Music

Brazilian Portrait (Retrato Brasileiro) Video

Imagine Brazil Final 2016

Band Members

  • Peregrino Gabriel


  • Sakamoto Guilherme


  • Fraga Théo

    Acoustic Double Bass

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