Antonio David Perina

Antonio David Perina

Antonio was born in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. He grew up in Tisno, small turistic village near the Šibenik. At the age of 9 he made his first steps in music. His father showed him how to play few basic chords on guitar and he went on to discover and learn things by himself. Shortly after that he attended private lessons for classical guitar. At the age of 12 he started to attend music school. There he studied different kinds of theoretical lessons and played two instruments, saxophone and piano. He simultaneously finished gymnasium "ŠPG" and music high school "Ivana Lukačića" in Šibenik. After playing a senior concert where he performed „Scaramouche“ by Darius Millhaud and „Jazz sonatina“ by Tomislav Uhlik, he earned high school diploma for Saxophone.  Antonio recorded his first official single "Dođi, pripremio sam srce na bol" at the age of 17 which was released by the biggest record label in Croatia, "Croatia records". He was also proclaimed as the youngest singer-songwriter by "Croatia records" in Croatia. Just recently he released 2nd single "Divan svijet" . Antonio has  also played a number of live shows as solo artist and as part of different bands and orchestras. He is currently studying at "VERN University of applied science" where he is undergraduate student in Film, TV and multimedia.

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