Aline Sand

Aline Sand

Meet Aline Sand, winner of Imagine Belgium 2016 and participant in the upcoming international Imagine finals 2017. Aline Sand is a 20-years-old lyricist who is passionate about jazz and soul. Since 2009, she has participated in various events, concerts and musicals. Today, she performs on many stages in Belgium with different musical formations but also solo, accompanied by her piano.

Her wide vocal range (3 octaves and a half), her technical mastery and great creativity allow her to interpret a very wide repertoire and also to compose his own titles such as "Three words" or "Can One Just Have Fun? ". Her universe is intimate and colorful. She mixes the styles combining sensitivity and intensity.

Her original compositions are inspired by the world around her and talk about the drifts of our contemporary society, social and economic injustices, love and philosophy. Let yourself be carried away by her warm timbre, powerful voice and her unique compositions in a magical musical journey.

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Aline & Maxime - Like a Rock Fall

Band Members

  • Sand Aline

    Vocal / Piano

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